Zaskia Gotik and Ariel Tatum, when beauty comes from Indonesia

Zaskia Gotik

Since small Zaskia already interested in the world of singing: she just started singing professionally when sitting in class 1 SMP. Starting from participating in various singing competitions, Zaskia can finally get a regular gig schedule from one cafe to another cafe. Due the enjoyment of singing, Zaskia eventually chose to leave school and pursue singing world.

In 2011 the opportunity for Zaskia in singing seriously began to open wide. Her name was towed by Big Indie label Nagaswara to create a piece. Finally in October 2011, her first single, entitled One Hour, began circulating in the market. After single One Hour, Zaskia then released his second single titled Teach Me Lord.

A duo group called De Mocca shake Zaskia sued because it is considered similar to wobble De Mocca named Goyang duck. Zaskia itself argued that the wobble has become her trademark since it first appeared in 2005. The name of the wobble is also a gift from the people and not zaskia own initiative. After going through talks between the two sides, De Mocca and Zaskia finally agreed to terms and both still appear to wobble and their distinctive name. Zaskia Shinta now better known as Zaskia Gothic style. In 2014, Zaskia Gothic won MURI after have made 7 video clips in a day.


Ariel Tatum

Ariel Tatum debuted as an advertising model for Isuzu Panther at the age of 10 years. Since then Ariel began starred in several advertisements on television. In 2005 Ariel Tatum starred in the movie of the musical genre called Ariel dan Raja Langit, directed by Harry Dagoe Suharyadi. Another film that has starred is Oh Baby (2008) and Kawin Laris (2009).

Not only the big screen alone, Ariel Tatum also began to enter the world of acting in Indonesia. A year after the debut of the movie screen width, Ariel started starred in the several big production movies. Ariel Tatum turns acting talent passed down from her grandmother, Joyce Erna, who became acting teacher personality. Joyce Erna is legendary for its achievements as actress popular in the era of the 1980s.

Ariel was also already started to explore the world of singing. In 2012 she songs called Because I Had With you, which is one of the singles from the second compilation album from Ari Lasso.