Yus Lopez

Yus Lopez

Yus Lopez is an Instagram model whose street and swimwear looks have brought more than 850,000 followers to her account.

She can frequently be seen sporting clothes from clothing brands like Belle Helguera, Winn Cuenca and Alta Posesiva.

A real sexy bomb. It can not be defined in any other way, the splendid Argentine Yus Lopez. Model 25, is experiencing a remarkable success on the web with the hot shots placed on her profiles.

‘Side b’ simply perfect and ‘side a’ to say the least explosive: her Instagram page with 850 thousand followers is a rundown of screaming images.

Yus was able to exploit the global effect: during the festival in Russian, in fact, has inflamed the network with numerous shots in knit albiceleste, winning many new admirers. It is a pity that the adventure of Argentina in the land of the tsars has ended too soon.

“I promote self-esteem,” she wrote on her official Instagram profile.

She often travels for work and happens to move between Chile, US, France, Italy, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and many other countries.

Yus loves playing video games and he also plays cosplayers

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