Viki Odintcova has a unbelievable body

The Russian model Viki Odintcova is getting very popular on Instagram with her photos super hot. Between perfect curves and dreamy eyes, that’s who is the new Tsarina of the web!

About sex symbols, the great Mother Russia has always given us enormous satisfaction. Olga Kurylenko (who became famous for her role in 007 – Quantum of Solace) through the extraordinary Irina Shayk, the Siberian lands have delighted our eyes with beauty to the limits of perfection. Now, the new Tsarina in line of succession is her: Viki Odintcova. 21, charming and a physical to make your head spin. The Russian model is an emerging figure in international fashion, but above all on Instagram, is already proving a huge success thanks to her dizzying curves. Social photo has become, now on a permanent basis, the launching pad for models and showgirls worldwide. The best way to get to know, especially if you have a body so unbelievable, is to post photos and Viki Odintcova, which has already reached 1,8 millions of followers, has understood this very well.

The hot shots that the Russian model placed on your Instagram profile actually reach the “legal limit”. Tall, slender, lush breasts and a butt that is a reminiscent of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. Viki Odintcova shows itself in all its glory and proves to not be afraid to let go before the camera. The way Viki poses in her pictures reminds one of her “illustrious” predecessor: Emily Ratajkowski. American models are famous for being totally uninhibited when they comes to show their bodies and the Russian statuary seems to want to follow in her footsteps with her icy gaze and seductive at the same time, in perfect Siberian style. The way to become a star of Instagram as her compatriot Irina Shayk is still long, but Viki Odintcova has all the credentials to be able to do that.