Verona Pooth, German personality

Verona Pooth is a German television personality, beauty pageant winner, and an occasional actress. In 1993, she was Miss Germany and Miss Intercontinental and represented Germany at the Miss Universe 1993 contest.

Her parents are the German engineer Ernst Busch field and the Bolivian hairdresser Luisa Field Busch (1935-2015). In the first year, parents moved her and her brother to Hamburg in the hometown of the father. After, the parents divorced.

Verona Pooth attended high school in Hamburg. When she was approached with 15 years on the road by a commercial photographer and began to work as a model. In the late 1980s she attended the trade and commercial college Holzdamm without finish and repeated this one school year.

In a discotheque visit in 1990 she spoke at the DJ Alex Christensen and recorded Ritmo de la Noche and Chocolate. In August of the same year the title reached number 23 and stayed 21 weeks in the charts. The song has been marketed in Europe and get covered fourteen times. Ritmo De La Noche was 1990 summer hit throughout Europe and arrived in the UK, France and Spain in the charts. Chocolate received for 1990 a gold record and toured around three years by the world. Pooth’s manager is since that time Alain Midzic.

From 1989, she successfully participated in several national and international beauty contests. As Miss Hamburg she won at the Miss Germany Association (MGA). They then represented Germany as world’s beauty queen. She took part in the election of Miss World in Sun City (South Africa) and won in the same year the title Miss Intercontinental World and the title Miss American Dream.

Verona Pooth moderated from 18 August 1996 to 21 March 1999 the television show Erotic Peep ! Here she made headlines when she ended her moderation activity entirely surprising on the ground that the shipment was her “become pornographic”. In RTL Pooth received a first own late-night comedy talk show entitled Veronas Welt.

In 1998, she celebrated her acting debut in Gabriel Barylli comedy Who loves the grow wings. In 1999, she turned the television film Modern Talking and took her first lead role in the film comedy Marry me! – My Polish Virgin. In 2000, she appeared in episodes of the US series Acapulco H.E.A.T. and Conan. In the same year she made a brief appearance in the movie 2002 – A Space Travesty opposite Leslie Nielsen. In the German version of the film Chicken Little (2005), she borrowed the figure “Susi Schnatter” her voice and had thus her debut as a voice actress.