Valerie Vivier

Valerie Vivier

Valerie Vivier is a splendid model who was born in Belarus and now resides in London and frequently moves to Miami and Los Angeles. She had been Top Model of the World BLR’15 corresponding to the year 2015, will take place from August 21, 2015, to September 4 day of the final in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt, 2 where contestants from 51 nations and autonomous territories will compete for the title of modeling.

She is also an actress and Owner of Kindergartens in Goa & Bali.

Her motto is “be happy, smile, love sport and help people”.

She started the modeling career in 2002 in Belarus and has worked with a lot of photographers and Fashion Brands in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Los Angeles, Miami. Valerie has participated in show Top Model of the World 2015, where represented Miss Belarus. Won Queen of Europe 1st runner up. She also participated in Belarus Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Ukrainian Fashion Week.

“Growing up in Belarus every girl is encouraged to model, so my mother enrolled me to the most famous agency when I was 12 years old,” she said in an interview

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