Valeria Orsini, the Queen of the Belfie

Not enough curvies, but also an idea to communicate. It must have thought this Valeria Orsini, model specializing in costume photos, lingerie and clothing (very stretch) for fitness.

The first Belfie had led to a million followers already in 2014 but two years later competition in the field have multiplied and was necessary a search for novelty and originality.

The Orsini, who initially proposed blonde, pale and very greasy, has learned the pleasures of being tan similar to underboob with lift shirt shot. A new catch-like technique is in exhibiting the tanning sign situations faux striptease or wardrobe malfunction beach artfully constructed. The ingredients? A bikini, her laces and a beautiful sign of tanning. Then, there is the Latin summary fascination profile.

For now, the mix works but if its erotic power runs out, it would not be a problem: this ‘instagirl’ has coached at the changes game. In the gallery a taste, from the semi-topless masked the gymnastic pose that emphasizes the curves, games on the theme of transparency (including the mirror) to winks to pop culture (American football, manga, etc.).

Valeria Orsini, 24, is a Latin doc and curvy model, with a US passport but with Colombian, Italian and Puerto Rican origins. She is very popular in the world of social networks and you can find other hot pics like these on her official Instagram profile.