Valeria Lukyanova, aka The Human Barbie

Who among us did not dream of becoming beautiful as Barbie? But if for some girls that thought remains a sweet memory of childhood, for others, such as Valeria Lukyanova, becomes a real obsession.

Valeria Lukyanova is a model from Ukraine. She is a 32 years old girl who is subjected to endless plastic surgeries, and spent nearly a million Euros, to be like Barbie. But she has always denied having spent so much, saying that she had made onlye one cosmetic operation and the merit of her transformation is due to food and a good make up.

Valeria Lukyanova Before and After

The most famous doll in the world embodies, or rather represents an ideal of beauty that hardly reflects the reality. Very often its most perfect forms that have been the subject of heated controversy and furious debates about what is right or not that the girls grow up having in hand an example of femininity that is naturally unattainable. But Valeria Lukyanova become like the Mattel doll was a real dream, with much pain and sacrifices.

Valeria Lukyanova was completely different when she was Young. She was born on August 23, 1985, in Tiraspol, Moldavian SSR, Soviet Union. Since she was 16 years old up to 2014 resided in Odessa, Ukraine. She is married to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Shkrabov, her childhood friend. She is a strict raw vegetarian, living on a liquid diet.

She said she hasn’t changed since she was 14. Lukyanova has stated in magazines and on TV that she has never undergone plastic surgery, apart from an operation on her breasts. She also denies that she removed any ribs to make her waist smaller. Lukyanova blamed her enemies for altering her old photos in Photoshop.