Tara Babcock and Jessica Nigri are the two hottest cosplayers

The fans are crazy for cosplayers. Mainly because it is a way to see materialize their heroes from the films, videogames or comic books. But also because of the beautiful girls how Tara Babcock and Jessica Nigri they can take pictures hot with very few clothes on, without giving the reasons. Cosplay, as you already know, is a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in cui participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

Tara Babcock

Tara Babcock is a professional model, multi-talented entrepreneur, gamer übernerd, writer, lover of eSports, Perma-Super Saiyan! She is a very interesting character because she describes herself as a nerd who spends most of the day playing videogames, but at the same time has a breathtaking body and an appearance by star of hard cinema world. She was born in Seattle November 10, 1989. She was also a cheerleader and went to modeling school. You can follow and admire Tara Babcock on her official website, Twitch, Instagram and YouTube.

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is the most famous cosplayer in the world. She was born in Reno, Nevada, United States and she has citizenships bot US and New Zealand. She is also  promotional model, YouTuber, voice actress and fan convention interview correspondent. She has been cosplaying since 2009 and modeling since 2012, having served as an official spokesmodel for several video games and comic book series, including Lollipop Chainsaw and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Nigri has been cosplaying since 2009, when her cosplay of “Sexy Pikachu” she wore to San Diego Comic-Con International went viral on the Internet. After she won a contest for portraying a very sexy version of Juliet Starling, protagonist of Suda51’s video game Lollipop Chainsaw, and was hired as a spokesmodel by Warner Bros. Games. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter, but first take a look on our sexy gallery.