Tanya Larina

Tanya Larina

Tanya Larina is a model and Instagram star who rose to fame by posting photos of her curvaceous figure on her Instagram account mit_tanya. It has 400,000 followers on the platform.

The beauty of this girl is simply not common. We know, we say so many girls, but Tanya Larina has something special in her magnetic gaze and sinuous body. Give her a chance, at least!

She is a model for Elite LA, a dreamer, and a dog lover as she defines herself on Instagram, the place that gave her the success.

“To be soft is to be powerful” is her motto on Instagram, and we agree with her.

She often publishes photos while she is at the beach wearing a swimsuit.

She has many close-ups to enhance her fantastic face and her magnetic gaze.

We don’t know how much is known about Tanya Larina but her photos are too suggestive to let them escape

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