Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie is a hugely popular fitness model who has become very famous thanks to Instagram with a million followers and thanks to the suggestions on well-being that dispenses to her fans, as well as thanks to her wonderful pictures.

The main focus is accountability, knowledge and creating a lifestyle, more than just a diet, is the first suggestion of Stephanie Marie on her website.

“Choose your plan, once your registration is complete you will receive an email with a series of question to answer along with a request for a current photo of yourself”.

She is a 25-year-old and business owner/trainer at Hybrid Fitness-OC in Irvine, Ca. 

Growing up in rural southern Oregon, while being homeschooled, she didn’t have much as a kid.

She was extremely shy, so at 16 she stayed with another family to nanny their 3 kids while saving every penny of my earnings.

She wanted to get out of that small town as soon as she turned 18. She was always into fitness; running track, playing soccer & surfing. That’s what drew her soul to California.

Stephanie Marie is from Grants Pass, Oregon. She currently resides in Costa Mesa, California

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