Sophia Ahrens

Sophia Ahrens

After the Czech model Hana Jirickova it is up to another young and gorgeous blonde to become the Lady Million woman, the perfume of Paco Rabanne characterized by the unmistakable diamond-shaped bottle.

It is Sophia Ahrens, a twenty-three model who grew up between Germany and Great Britain, beautiful and sensual, with a magnetic look (after the video you will find a brief biography). Let’s see how it is defined on the Paco Rabanne website:
“Sophia Ahrens, super sexy, has all the credentials to be the perfect Million girl! An elegant but wild body, natural but unique beauty and magnetic eyes. A bold and brilliant look, like a diamond. Sophia Ahrens represents femininity carefree, modern and ultra-sexy. Her grace and energy enrapture us, as do her movements […] ”

Sophia Ahrens was born January 4, 1996, in Hamburg, Germany.

Ahrens was born to a German father and English mother and grew up mainly in England. She was scouted at age 12 by former London-based agency, Union Models (acquired by Wilhelmina Models in January 2015) while Christmas shopping in a London mall.

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