Sonia Ben Ammar, Brooklyn Beckham’s girlfriend

Brooklyn Beckham and the 17 year old Sonia Ben Ammar daughter of the Tunisian financier Tarak Ben Ammar, have partnered in summer 2015. But already at the beginning of 2016, Brooklyn has appeared in love with Chloë Grace Moretz.

Over the history between him and the actress, the 18 year-old has decided to retrace his steps. So here they are all together in front of the Pyramid of the Louvre. With two accomplices boys and smiling. And mom Victoria? According to insiders, the former Spice approve the backfire.

Sonia Ben Ammar

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are very proud parents. And a few weeks ago, to celebrate the age of Brooklyn, they have indulged in important social dedications. “18 years ago this little man came to life. Brooklyn has become a great, educated and responsible young man. I’m glad it was always with me, and even more proud of the person who has become, “wrote the father. And these are the words of Victoria: “I can not believe that our child turns 18 years old. And he is the most beautiful man, sweet and talented that it exists. ” And Sonia can not disagree.

Brooklyn Beckham