Song Jua

Song Jua

Song Jua is a Racing model from Korea. She works for Racing Team ZIGATO and MAX FC Maxangel. Fitting model, Heroes of the Storm Super League 2016 Season 1 Interviewer, and also has an occasional face in Heroes of the Storm and other games. She is also a BJ in AFREECA TV.

Heroes of the Storm is a videogame by Blizzard huge popular in South Korea. No wonder that a girl who often sees herself in the races is a model and also a presenter for a video game. In South Korea, in fact, video games are considered full-fledged sports and video game events have a resonance comparable to that of traditional sport events.

Song Jua, who had been an interviewer for the OGN Heroes of the Storm Super League, began her career in the season 1 of the Heroes of the Storm Super League in 2016. She also appeared as an event star in the Winners League. She began to shine in the field and was quite active in the Heroes of the Storm League edition.

At the time of the opening event, she showed unusual skills at the time of the exhibition, according to Hibbenler, who is said to be a Grade 1 grade. At this time, she earned her nickname Songwoo as an impressive performance.

In October 2017, she started broadcasting on the AFREECA BJ TV. It does not consistently broadcast, and even it seems that it broke the broadcast because it does not broadcast until the last 29th broadcast of Busan International Boat Show 2018 in 2018.

At the Busan International Boat Show in 2018, Song Jua model was launched. Images and pictures taken at that time are becoming hot topics online. It is known as video named Boat Girl Song Joo.

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