Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage is an American lingerie model, actress, and trainer well known for some interpretations in TV series, but above all for her site dedicated to training, nutrition, and well-being. She is hugely popular also on Instagram with more than 2 million followers.

But of course she is also a beautiful girl, and it is well understood by looking at her magnificent Instagram profile where she continues to publish super sexy photos.

She was born on March 21, 1983, in Burbank, California, USA and her birth name is Sarah Elizabeth Stage.

She starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2008), Alice in Chains: Your Decision (2009) and Entertainment Tonight (1981).

Sarah has modeled for well-known brands such as Guess Jeans, Kohls, Buffalo Jeans, Fredricks of Hollywood, Jockey Underwear, and Puma as you can read on her official website.

She captivated the world by sharing her “new mom-to-be” lifestyle on social media when she became pregnant in 2015 and started a blog called Stage Mama to share her journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and her son James. She also enjoys teaching pilates locally, oil painting, traveling, salsa dancing, decorating her home and being an animal rights activist

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