Sarah Engels, an hot German pop singer

Sarah Engels was born on 15 October 1992 in Cologne and is a German pop singer. She was seen as a participant of the Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar, in which she occupied the second place in the eighth season.

Sarah Engels spent her childhood with her parents and her younger brother in Hürth. From the age of eleven she entered school and street festivals and took four years of singing lessons. She has completed the Realschulabschluss. In March 2013 she married the singer Pietro Lombardi and adopted his family name and for that reason she is also known as Sara Lombardi. On 19 June 2015, her son was born. The couple parted in October 2016.

In 2010, she took part in the seventh season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, but failed in the second round due to text problems together with Eugen Flittner, who was a member of the band The Black Pony until the end of 2012.

In 2011 she applied again and was selected in the first Mottoshow. After Nina Richel had to leave the castingshow due to health problems, Lombardi was allowed to compete again from the third motto show. She was the fifth woman who was looking for the superstar in the final of Germany. She finished second behind Pietro Lombardi.

In 2011 and 2013 Sarah Engels released two highly successful albums: Heartbeat and Dream team. In March 2015 RTL2 ran the documentary soap Sarah & Pietro … build a house. In June 2015 followed Sarah and Pietro … get their baby and in spring 2016 Sarah & Pietro with the camper through Italy. On 18 March, the album was part of me, from which the singles Nimmerland and Nur mit Dir had already been uncoupled. In June 2016 she took second place in Tanzshow Let’s Dance. Don’t miss to follow Sarah Engels on her official website.