Sanna Marin: take a look to the new Prime Minister of Finland

Sanna Marin is the new Prime Minister of Finland. Former Minister of Transport, 34, was elected by the Social Democrats, who have a relative majority in parliament, as their leader. It happens to the former premier Antti Rinne, discouraged by how he managed the strike of the employees of the Post Office. With the new appointment, the government is formed by a coalition of parties led by women.


The Finnish Social Democrats owe the victory achieved in the April legislative elections to promises to end the years of austerity to relieve Finland of the recession. It is certain, however, local analysts observe, that Sanna Marin – in the new capacity of the prime minister of a five-left center executive – will not cease, as she has done so far, to interface with the 5.5 million Finns. Especially on social media. Her favorite topics range from ecology to education, from welfare to income disparities, with a focus always focused on social policies as well as on youth employment spending. Dossiers that find Marin in perfect harmony with the other two young leaders of the Finnish left, who are part of the newborn government: Li Andersson, Minister of Education and Leadership of the Left Alliance and Katri Kulmuni, head of the Center Party. Both are 32 years old.

Sanna Marin


Having gained the confidence of a handful of votes, Marin was understandably put under pressure by Finnish journalists who asked her for a comment on her young age. With dexterity, Marin dodged the insidious question stating: “We have a lot of work to do to rebuild trust. I never thought about my age or my sex, I think about the reasons I entered politics and about the things for which we won the electorate’s trust “. Choice to replace the Social Democratic Prime Minister Antti Rinne – who resigned last December 3 after losing the confidence of his main coalition partner, the Center Party, in the wake of heavy criticism of postal service management – from the first Marin statements it seems intent on not departing from the predecessor’s programmatic line: “We have a shared government program to which – she said – we are committed”.

Sanna Marin


Sanna Marin was raised in Helsinki by two mothers because the natural one, who was single, chose a woman as a life companion.

Sanna Marin


In January 2018, she had a child with her long-time partner Markus Räikkönen.

Sanna Marin


Her political career that took shape in Tampere, included among the top 30 hipster cities in the world. And now Sanna Marin, outgoing Minister of Transportation and mother from 2018, was elected to head the Finnish Social Democratic Party and chosen to lead a governing coalition that includes four other parties in addition to her, all with women leaders. Three out of four are between 30 and 40 years old. So too, who has 34 and who also brings home another record: after confirmation of the nomination by Parliament, presumably this week, it will, in fact, be the youngest premier in the world, thus snatching the primacy of the 35-year-old head of government Ukrainian Oleksiy Honcharuk. But also distancing the New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, now on the threshold of 40. A portrait of emancipation that has made the rounds of international media, affected by a model of a country that – contrary to what happens in the world sees women at the top of parties and institutions.

Sanna Marin

Hot politician

Sanna Marin is not the only one hot politician: in this regard, you have to take a look at Orly Levy (Israel), Alina Kabaeva (Russia), Luciana Leon (Peru), Belinda Stronach (Canada), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (United States) and Kolinda Grabar Kitarović (President of Croatia).

Sanna Marin


Sanna Marin is very active also on Instagram.