Rosie Mercado is the most famous plus-size model, but she lost 170lbs

Rosie Mercado, 36, of Los Angeles was at her top weight of 410 lbs – with 70-inch hips- in 2011 when the humiliating incident occurred, and was enough to kickstart the model’s journey to health.

Through diet and exercise alone, Rosie managed to drop an incredible 100lbs, running and taking zumba classes. After letting her weight increase to well over 400 pounds, she dropped to 240lbs.

Rosie Mercado has felt humiliated when they said she would have to buy two tickets because she would not be entered into only one seat.

Crowned “Face of Full Figured” of New York Fashion Week in 2010, the 36 year-old has decided to completely change appearance. With a strict diet and a consistent exercise Rosie Mercado reached the milestone of 240lbs, more than half of her old weight and is now waiting to drop further.

Rosie Mercado confessed to having had a very stressful time after three pregnancies and divorce in 2008 and were just the children to help her in her radical change: “They believed in me and supported me at every step.”

The model admitted that “it was not the easiest path, and I’ve had my ups and downs, but when comparing the quality of my life now to what it was before, so it was worth the effort.” And to those who wish to undertake a change of lifestyle as her, Rosie Mercado has devoted one sentence: “I am proof that, if you follow and pursue your ideas, dreams can come true”.

She is a makeup artist, fashion designer and television personality of Mexican descent. She is best known for starring in reality television show Curvy Girls on NuvoTV and featuring on National Geographic Channel’s Taboo. She has been described as a role model for plus-size women globally.

She has appeared on television shows, worked as a correspondent with Gossip Meets Couture and interviewed celebrities including Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra and Kourtney Kardashian.