Robyn Lawley: don’t call me plus-size

As always, in the face of some statements, there is a temptation to let go of the pen and the mind in search of the discussion (or debate). On the other hand the words of plus size model Robyn Lawley, who stars with Ashley Graham on the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated, are unequivocal: “I do not want to be labeled as plus-size”. Take a stand against the curvy world? Perhaps a desire to shape the canonical modeling? Obviously none of this.

“I was given the plus-size label because the other models are literally my half,” said Robyn. “Compared to other models, who are incredibly skinny, I seem plus. But when compared to the average person every day, I’m just like them. So plus-size is a label which really do not feel the need. ” A statement summarizing, basically, the whole philosophy behind the “battle” of the world curvy / plus-size: do not change the concept of beauty.

A single model in which the same Lawley had to do, having tried to be her a “regular model” but giving up. “It just does not work.” He told E! News “are just fighting against the natural shape of your body. I’m strong and muscular and curvy, all together. ”

The model, champion of size 52, was the first plus to appear in Sports Illustrated in 2015 and today again the star of the issue par excellence of the magazine dedicated to beauty and wellness. The same Lawley also revealed that the editor of the Swimsuit issue, MJ Day, said his desire to see more often in the magazine women like her and Graham who, this year, has won the cover of the iconic number.