Rania of Jordan is the beautiest Queen in the world

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan is the Queen consort of Jordan since marrying the now King of Jordan, Abdullah bin al-Hussein.

Rania Al-Yasin was born in Kuwait from Palestinian parents originating in Tulkarem. She attended the New English School in Kuwait, and later obtained a degree in Business Management at the American University of Il Cairo. Immediately after graduation in 1991, Rania worked at the financial Group Citibank, before being taken in the Jordanian headquarters of Apple Computer.

Rania met for the first time the king of Jordan, ‘Abdullah bin (eastern variant of “Ibn”) al-Husayn, when he was still Prince, at a dinner in January 1993. Two months later, the couple announced their engagement and June 10, 1993 they were married. When the husband came to the throne, Rania has assumed the title of Queen.

By Queen Rania has fought hard to improve the status of women in Jordan, and generally in all Islamic countries. She received the honorary title of Colonel of the Armed Forces Jordanian on 9 June 2004. In 2005 she was considered by the British magazine Harpers and Queens as one of the most beautiful queens of the century.

Queen Rania is a member of numerous organizations and co-founder of the World Economic Forum. She takes part of Forum of Young Global Leaders, International Youth Foundation, Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences (AABFS), Arab Women’s Summit, Jordan Cancer Society, National Team for Family Safety, Child Safety Program and Dar Al-Amman and many others. She is the owner of the galopping horse New Approach.