Princess Leia has died: Carrie Fisher’s best pictures when she was young

Carrie Fisher died yesterday at age 60. Se hasn’t had so important many roles in life, if not the iconic and beloved by fans of Princess Leia. She had a family tied to Hollywood: Debbie Reynolds‘s daughter, star of the golden age of musicals (just mention Singing in the Rain) and Eddie Fisher, she has had troubled childhood and then began to tread the boards with her mother. Lucas chose her in 1977 for the role of the legendary Princess Leia of Star Wars, the saga fantasy par excellence, and from there begins a resounding success, but only related to this part of fantastic heroine, maintained over time and the various episodes of the cycle.

The debut was luxurious with Warren Beatty in Shampoo, then the actress had attended the comedy: Hannah and Her Sisters by Woody Allen, When Harry Met Sally by Carl Reiner and The Blues Brothers by John Landis. She plays also in a little horror but never conquer an alternative to the epic role created by George Lucas. Perhaps because of this rapid success with Star Wars and the difficult work situation (that relegated to minor roles) combined with the family trouble, the actress became a victim of drugs and alcohol and then wrote publicly about her detoxification in the autobiographical book Postcards from the Edge, which became also a Mike Nichols film in 1990 with Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep on the complicated mother-daughter relationship, classic in the turbulent history of Hollywood who willingly confuses fiction with those neuroses of life.

Carrie Fisher will never be forgotten also for the Princess Leia’s Theme composed by John Williams for the Star Wars movies. In the saga all of the most important characters have a theme dedicated to them that starts when they are framed or when the film is focusing on a fact linked to them. You can listen the Princess Leia’s Theme following the gallery with the Carrie Fisher’s pictures when she was young.