Pokemon Go how to install

Pokemon Go is a very interesting idea and, thanks to a first-rate technical achievement, received a type of viral success that did not occur in these proportions for some time in mobile. The Nintendo/Niantic game pushes players to go around the city to identify the Pokemon, and then pick them up with the Poké Ball. Be careful, though, because they could run away!

Niantic launched Go Pokemon by “soft mode“, in the sense that the game has become available only in some secondary markets, while the major ones will come in at a later date, namely 15 July according to the latest rumors. But if you can not resist and want to quickly find out why people are leaving involve so much effort in the second Nintendo in the mobile you can follow these tips to get the game right now on your smartphone.

In the case of Android you have to download this apk from your smartphone. Go into Settings, Security and enable the voice Unknown sources. At this point you can install the apk and play Pokemon Go.

For iOS, however, you must create an account with residence in one of the countries where the game is already downloadable. Go to Settings and then click on iTunes Store and App Store. Select your Apple ID at the top and then press Exit. At this point launched App Store and proceed to download any apps, such as Facebook: iOS will ask you to set a new account. Select, then, Create an Apple ID, the first thing that you will be asked is your country of residence. You must choose a country where Go Pokemon is already available, such as Australia or New Zealand. Do you accept all terms and conditions and give up well to the inclusion of a payment method. To complete the installation you have to use an email address not previously paired with an Apple ID.

In Pokemon Go, some of the most famous Pokemon as Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Pikachu came to Earth, and the players have to catch them. To do that you have to physically go down the street and use the phone to access the application of augmented reality. When the smartphone starts to vibrate it means that a Pokemon is nearby: at that point just to aim and use the Poke Ball to capture it, paying careful attention to the fact that it can escape.

Some Pokémon appear next to their native environment: for example aquatic ones are found only in the vicinity of rivers. Museums, art installations, historic sites and close to the most famous monuments are located, however, the PokéStop, where you can buy Poke Ball and other useful items.

Capturing the Pokemon you level up and this allows you to unlock the skills that lead to the capture of increasingly strong Pokemon. Players can also join teams, while a portable device called Pokémon Go Plus also allow Pokémon Go players to continue playing even when they are using their smartphones. The device connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and, using LED and vibration, notify the players of events such as the appearance of Pokémon nearby.

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play app with in-app purchases. You can download Pokemon Go from App Store and Google Play.