Patrizia Yanguela is one of the most famous Fitness & Lingerie model in the world

Patrizia Yanguela was born in Switzerland and lived several years in between the US and Dominican Republic. Currently she is living back in Switzerland and enjoying all her ventures a fitness/lingerie model.

She is one of the most famous Fitness & Lingerie model in the world with 1,5 millions followers on Instagram.

She is fluent in 4 languages and love to travel. In school she studied to be a marketing specialist for 4 years and spent a few years working for different firms in this position and now enjoying my fitness – lingerie job to its fullest.

Her Latin heritage comes from her mothers side. Besides being born in Switzerland she has lived in the U.S.A as also in the Caribbean.

“As very little on, she was always an independent and determined child”, you can read on her official website. “Today, as a fulfilled young women she strives for the stars and believes strongly in the futures gifts. Her studies in marketing and publicity remain in the past as she started her grounds as a lingerie and fitness model”.

She workout every day, 6 days a week. She is currently training with her personal trainer who gives her insights of which exercises to do and when. It’s very important during the week to eat as healthy as possible and drinks tons of water.