Oksana Neveselaya, the most beautiful teacher in the world

Math teacher in Minsk, Belarus, Oksana Neveselaya has won hundreds of thousands of fans on social networks and she was quickly renamed the most beautiful teacher of the world thanks to a short video, posted on the net by his pupils, who have immortalized in the classroom while holding a recent lesson in algebra.

The video, which show her in mini dress and sandals while writing equations on the blackboard, it quickly became viral and you can see it below.

She writes on her Facebook profile: “Oksana Nevesalaya, Belarussian professor, shows that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand”.

So the teacher of Minsk, Belarus, has become a star of the web. Now has more than 167,000 followers on Instagram and almost 10 thousand fans on her Facebook page. Now she is in Malaysia for a holiday offer from local rich men and the fact that it has become so popular because of its pupils do not seem to displease her at all. I wonder if the beautiful and sensual math teacher does not open up possibilities in the world of fashion or show.

Not only teacher, the beautiful Oksana, is also a professional model that is often given to sensual shots in intimate or in costume. Blonde, tall and beautiful: it took very little so that the math teacher to become a star of the web, even getting a follower boom on her Facebook page that on her Instagram account.

Shots in costume, while training in the gym, pool or inside the tub. Oksana Neveselaya definitely solved, or at least contributed positively, the problem of the education and the abandonment of schools in Belarus. Not only beautiful and sexy, but also useful to society.