Nita Kuzmina now is the Queen of Instagram: exotic mix half russian and half indian

Her name is Nita Kuzmina and is a beautiful model who on Instagram – with more than a million followers – has now become a celebrity. Photos of this Russian girl are now very popular on the web …

Nita Kuzmina is a russian beauty who has become a social media savant by posting selfies and other fashionable photos of her streetwear and modeling portfolio. She first rose to fame starring on the Russian reality series Holiday in Mexico. In addition to Holiday in Mexico, she later went on to star in the show Paradise Hotel.

She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She is 21 years old and she looks sweet, innocent yet like a complete sex bomb. She is a very interesting exotic mix being half russian and half indian.

Nita is a classic beauty “viral”: her shots are very popular on social thanks to a side A very generous. More than a million followers, growing, is following her on Instagram. She has a truly amazing beauty because basically multiracial. We believe that you would do well to follow her on Instagram, where you can find plenty of hot pictures like those on our sexy gallery.