Niece Waidhofer

Niece Waidhofer

Niece Waidhofer is from Houston, Texas, she’s a model, she’s beautiful, and she’s been “lynched” on Reddit, the popular social network. Yes, because Neice has decided to take part in the latest crazy fashion online.

This game is called Roast me. What is it? Simple: publish your own photo and submit to the public’s judgment. And because the web is teeming with people just to insult, Niece is finished in the meat grinder. A shower of sexual insults. And not only.

Among the most referable: “You are superficial, vanity and redone. You should look for a job instead of looking for attention and compliments on social networks, also because you will hardly find them on Reddit”. And again: “You can just serve some wankers with those photos”.

So a self-styled ex-boyfriend emerges: “You wanted to be a great actress not to let people see your interior, you’re just a social climber, looking for the rich to be supported by. social, but the only one who will be faithful to you is your purse dog. You have the crooked nipples and those tattoos of the guns around the vagina to direct all those who take you to bed, but you will die so lonely “.

A horror that prompted the model to remove not only the photo but her entire Reddit account. On Instagram, she later said: “You are very good, but the best is what he says he is my ex without even knowing how to write my name correctly”

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