Nathalia Soliani is the girlfriend of the sexiest footballer of the last World Cup, Rurik Gislason

The identikit of the girlfriend of the sexiest footballer of the last World Cup? Obviously beautiful. Obviously, a model.

Rurik Gislason

Rurik Gislason is no longer single. The Icelandic footballer said he was not engaged in an interview in early January, but now things have definitely changed. In January, Rurik appeared in the Instagram stories of Nathalia Soliani. The setting? The beaches of Rio de Janeiro, for a hot holiday. There is still no official confirmation from the couple, but the latest comment by Rurik on Instagram brings out the story in the open and makes it more plausible. The footballer spent a day on the snow with his sister and grandchildren wrote to the model: “I wish you were here”. With his first appearance in the field against Argentina, in the World Cup, Rurik had earned in a very short time hundreds of thousands of followers in love. Now the disappointment: Rurik is no longer single and Nathalia is apparently the luckiest woman in the world.

Rurik Gislason

Height Weight

Nathalia Soliani’s stats: Height. 5’8”. Waist. 24″. Bust. 32″. Hips. 34.5″. Shoes. 8 US. Eye Color. Brown. Hair Color. Dark brown. Height. 173cm.

Nathalia Soliani


Rurik Gislason

Rurik Gislason is an Icelandic footballer who plays as a midfielder for SV Sandhausen.


After Iceland’s World Cup Group game against Argentina, Rúrik’s Instagram profile went viral, as his follower increased by 250,000 after the game.[4] His follower count is now at one million, more than triple the size of Iceland’s current population.

Nathalia Soliani

Beauties from Iceland

We talked about two other beauties from Iceland on our pages: Kris Jonasdottir, girlfriend of another player of the Icelandic national team, Aron Gunnarsson; and Arna Ýr Jónsdóttirthe miss who left the contest because ‘too fat’.

Nathalia Soliani


Nathalia Soliani is a model who works for IMG Models.

Nathalia Soliani


She has an official Instagram account with thousands of followers. She publishes there very hot pictures like these. You can join her clicking here. But even Rurik Gislason is very popular on Instagram. In fact, he has over a million followers, mostly women, we guess.