Melody Le is the hottest star on Instagram

Melody Le is a fantastic and super sexy Australian model who publishes a lot of pics on her Instagram profile. She started modelling at 15 years and have travelled the world for her job from Milan to London, but now she resides in New York.

She loves calling herself as an explorer. She loves the adventure and visiting the most exotic beaches to take sexy pictures. Melody was born in Adelaide but her parents have vietnamese origins.

“Life has taken many unexpected turns for me over the years but I can honestly say that every mistake was a lesson, every achievement has been a blessing and that I have now found my place in the world”, she said on her official website. “America feels like a million miles away from my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia and it certainly wasn’t a quick or easy journey for me to be where I am today but I am so thankful for all the experiences I’ve had so far and I’m welcoming the unknown opportunities of the future with welcome arms”.

You can follow her amazing Instagram profile, where she counts more of 140 thousands of followers and where she continues to publish very hot pics.