Melissa Anne Teixeira Playmate

Melissa Anne Teixeira is a famous and beautiful Playmate from Venezuela born December 31, 1985. Well-known as “HemiGirl”, Melissa Anne Teixeira is a professional swimsuit model, actress, artist and entertainer. She is an automotive enthusiast who has graced the pages of several men’s magazines, and has appeared on many radio and television shows. You can follow her on Facebook, where you can find other pics of Melissa, beyond pics in our gallery.

Melissa appeared on the VERSUS network for TapouT Reality TV, a popular mixed martial arts show geared around discovering new fighters and selling t-shirts.

In the recent years, she excelled in her athletic ability as a former Quarterback and co-captain for the Lingerie Football League, playing for the “New England Euphoria” but was traded to the “New York Majesty” representing New York City. Taking in with her Boston pride, Melissa resigned from her position as New York’s QB with a multitude of press over the Boston/NYC rivalry. She appeared on Fox New LIVE on Fox & Friends representing the league before resigning all together.

In late 2011, Melissa was cast to film for Animal Planet’s “Hillbilly Handfishin'”, where she lived in the drought stricken Oklahoma among the earth dwellers for the biggest thrill seeking adventure of her life.

In July of 2012, HemiGirl won the title of Playboy’s Miss Social July, where she was flown to the Playboy Mansion, and head quarters where she bared it all for her pictorial.