Marie Ange Casta

Marie Ange Casta

Foto Cosima Scavolini/Lapresse
30-10-2010 Roma
Festival Internazionela del Film di Roma
Red carpet del film restaurato La dolce Vita
Nella foto Marie Ange Casta

Photo Cosima Scavolini/Lapresse
30-10-2010 Rome
Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma
Red carpet of the film La dolce Vita
In the photo Marie Ange Casta

Marie Ange Casta is a French model and actress, sister of the most noted Laetitia Casta. These days she is at the cinema alongside Riccardo Scamarcio in ‘Lo spietato’.

Her professional career began under her sister’s star. Probably a bit bulky, because when it was said Casta immediately thought of Laetitia, a world-famous model. This is because not everyone knew that even her younger sister, Marie Ange, had embarked on a modeling career. Laetitia was important for this choice, but the ‘little’ Casta showed immediately that it had all the qualities to be able to break through. Without the help of Laetitia and above all feeling the need to untie her name from the dazzling image of her sister. And she made it. Today she is a renowned model and it seems that even an acting career can reserve her satisfaction

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