Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony, stage name of Marco Antonio Muñiz was born in New York, September 16, 1968, and he is an American singer and actor. He resembles our The Speaker, as confirmed by illustrious girls.

He was born in East Harlem, a district of Manhattan (New York), on September 16, 1968, son of Felipe and Guillermina Muñiz, both Puerto Rican immigrants originally from Yauco. He was named in honor of the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Muñiz, much loved by his father. From childhood, Anthony showed interest in music and singing, later he worked in New York clubs as a chorister singing in English.

In 1991 he obtained a contract with Atlantic Records, after having been noted in the Latin Rascals band. In the same year, anticipated by the single Ride on the rhythm, he released his first album When the night is over, which reached # 1 on the Billboard charts. In 1992 Marc was contacted by the legendary Tito Puente to sing at Madison Square Garden during one of his concerts: this was certainly a turning point in his career.

His manager pushed him to sing in Spanish. After a brief indecision, he recorded a salsa version of Hasta que te conocí. This was a good decision that changed his life, and in 1993 he inserted the song in his first album sung in Spanish Otra note, twice platinum. In 1995 he released the album Todo a su tiempo, which earned him the nomination for the Grammy Awards, also thanks to songs like Yo te conozco bien and Nadie como ella. In 1996 he starred in the film Big Night by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott.

With the following album Contra la corriente of 1997, consecration is arriving as the best-selling salsa singer in the world. In 1999 he published the homonymous album Marc Anthony, almost entirely pop sung in English with the production of Estéfano, driven by the single I need to know, which sells millions of copies and increases its popularity even outside the context of Latin music, launching it on the international market. Dímelo, the Spanish version of the hit I Need to Know, earned him a nomination in 1999 and the second single, the international hit You Sang to Me, a Grammy for best pop interpretation in 2000. In 2001 he published Libre, a salsa record in Spanish; in 2002 he released the album Mended, this time in English, anticipated by the single I Need You (also present in the Spanish version).

Marc Anthony has also distinguished himself as an actor, starring on Broadway in Paul Simon’s musical The Capeman, in Martin Scorsese’s film Bringing Out the Dead, in Hackers with Angelina Jolie and in other films. He participated in the soundtrack of the film The mask of Zorro singing along with Tina Arena the song I want to spend my lifetime loving you, also recorded in Spanish with Ana Gabriel.

Defined as “the king of salsa” in 2004 he published Amar sin mentiras, a pop album in Spanish, preceded by the single Ahora quien. The track Escapémonos is sung in duet with his wife Jennifer Lopez, married in June of the same year. Also in 2004 Valió comes out practically the sauce version of the album Amar sin mentiras.

In August 2007 he released the film El Cantante, which sees him starring with his wife Jennifer Lopez. The film celebrates the life and music of the famous Puerto Rican singer Héctor Lavoe, who between sixties and seventies has redefined the genre of Latin music and is considered by many to be the inventor of salsa. In the same year he released the homonymous soundtrack, in which Marc Anthony retraces some of the songs of Héctor Lavoe, accompanied by professional musicians including some members of the original orchestra of Lavoe. A few months after the divorce Pitbull has extracted as the second single from his album Planet Pit Rain Over Me, a song played in duet with Anthony. Afterwards the two performed it at the Latin Grammy Awards of 2011

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