Magdalena Wosinska star of Instagram: shoots herself naked among natural beauties

Magdalena Wosinska shoots herself around the world, posting all on Instagram, completely naked among the ruins, archeology and natural beauty. Magdalena has followed on the photo social network for more than 154 thousand followers.

Behind her art, though bare, there is not a particular path of awareness: “I grew up in poverty and had not many means”, she said in an interview. “When I was asked to take self-portraits for the photography course, I said to myself I do not have decent clothes to wear. Better to appear naked in the shots. ”

She has become a star of Instagram thanks to her “art.” It is hard to focus on lights and angles. The glance is all about the subject. Magdalena Wosinska captures a youthful energy, spontaneity and authentic sense of fun.  She shoots all the time, carrying a camera on her shoulder and preferring to be part of the moment, placing her lens in the middle of it all. “Nudity is timeless,” says Magdalena Wosinska, known as Magda, diving deep into an emotional and metaphysical explanation.

She was born in Poland, but now lives in the United States. She was born in Katowice, near Krakow, in 1983. She arrived in the USA in 1991 and lived in Arizona before settling in Los Angeles in 2004.

Her photographs are immediate and enclose all that may not like: boundless landscapes and sculptural bottoms, floating hair and targeted lighting. Nothing artificial but at the same time everything in the right place, so perfect that arrived at the end of the gallery there will be nothing to do but sign up in the gym and book a plane flight to the farthest that you can think of. Or register to Magdalena Wosinska’s Instagram profile or follow her official website.