Luna and Lilli Schweiger: an inseparable clan

The Schweigers, an inseparable clan. So it had always been believed. Father, mother, four children. And all live in a beautiful house in Hamburg. Although father and mother have long been separated and for two years also officially divorced, but this did not break the beautiful picture for the time being.

The Schweiger family

52, Tilmann Valentin Schweiger, originally from Baden, studied Germanic and medicine and is currently the most famous German filmmaker. In recent times, he also plays the “crime scene” off-screen theater Nick Diller, a commissioner who wades through streams of blood and rises above a lot of corpses. But Til also has a different side. As a boy, he used his grandfather, who had a dementia, to experience in his film Honey in the Head, 2014. And he has set up an initiative to provide refugees.

The American Dana Schweiger, 47, born Carlsen, met the actor Til Schweiger in 1993. She lived with her parents on the west coast in Seattle, studied business management and then trained as a beautician. At times Dana successfully worked as a model, among others for Calvin Klein and H & M. In 1995 she married Til. The family lived in the USA for several years and returned to Germany in 2004. One year later the couple separated, the divorce followed 2014.

Son Valentin Florian, 20, was born in Berlin. Already as a two-year-old he had his film debut in the production of his father Knockin ‘on Heavens Door. Currently he wants to become a Cameraman and to study the profession in Los Angeles. He completed an internship at the shooting of a “crime scene”.

Luna Schweiger

Daughter Luna Marie, 19, was also born in Berlin. She is already a well-known actress and was awarded the Jupiter Award in 2013 as the best national actress. Luna had her debut in father’s Keinohrhasen, followed by numerous roles, mainly in Schweiger films. She is considered an excellent jumping competitor and participates in regional tournaments.

Lilli Schweiger

Daughter Lilli, 17, was also born in Berlin. She also played as a child in Keinohrhasen and Zweiohrküken. In 2011 she moderated with her sisters Luna and Emma the animal song Die Pfotenbande. Lilli sees her future in front of the camera, but not as an actress. She wants to model as the mother and would definitely want to finish the school and then study.

The youngest daughter Emma Tiger, 13, was born in Los Angeles. As a five-year-old, the pupil gave her acting debut in Keinohrhasen. This followed the Schweiger productions Zweiohrküken, Mannherzen, And away you are, Kokowääh 1 and 2 and Honig im Kopf. However, she already has her own head and does not necessarily want a life in the limelight.

The magnificent villa in the Niendorfergehege was built 1905 by a shipowner and has 15 rooms. It was a kind of retreat parade for the Schweiger family. Now the property is to be sold. In a conversation with “Bunte”, Dana Schweiger explained that “our family house” was much too big. Til had not lived there for a long time, and the children Valentin, Luna and Lilli had long since fled. “Now the house sometimes looks empty.”

Then Dana said a sentence that turned the picture of the Schweiger family upside down: “We are far from living in this patchwork idyll, which many people suspect. We have arranged and deal with each other respectfully.” That is why the American wants to go back to the USA with the youngest daughter Emma. Since the world had grown so small and the plane was fast on the plane, it was a matter of time for Til, who was traveling a lot anyway, wherever he visited his daughter.

Dana wants to return to Malibu, California, where she is “properly rooted”. At that time the move to Hamburg was not easy. This time there is hardly any mention of farewell pain. On the contrary, Emma wanted so much to go to school in Malibu. “She has now shot five or six films for Til and deserved it,” Dana said. In addition, one had to learn to let go, because only then could one open oneself to new things and rediscover life.