Lissie Isabella

Lissie Isabella

Her name is Lissie Isabella and her origins are like a spectacular and explosive melting pot.

Born in England but of French and Brazilian origins, Lissie is one of the models on the launch pad in the United Kingdom.

She works mainly in London but it happens often to see her in other big cities of England to promote costumes and lingerie that are on the beautiful model really dream.

This girl has a fabulous beauty and body. Look at her photos to believe.

She is a full-time model and resides in London. On her Instagram profile, she records daily bikini images.

It is an English model that devastates the web. Due to her completely exotic features, it is completely unique. It has no comparison with another female because her cinnamon skin and green eyes make the difference. Lissie Isabella breaks into the Internet and the world simply stops every time it appears in a new publication.

The color of her skin is due to the constant exposure to the sun to which it is subjected. Her ideal place is the sea.

They attribute their exotic features to their Italian and Brazilian roots. Her beauty worthy of export has already been admired in Europe since she has been a lingerie model in several countries.

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