Lauren Drain, a very hot fitness model

Lauren Drain is a fitness model and author known for writing the 2013 book Banished, which chronicles her experiences and eventual banishment from the controversial Westboro Baptist.

She was born in Tampa, Florida on December 31, 1985 and lived in nearby Bradenton until age five, when she moved to Olathe, Kansas as her father, Steve, enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Kansas.

The first contact witch Westboro was while working on a documentary critical of the church. Shee eventually became a fervent convert, and her entire family followed her into the church. Lauren Drain was a member from 2001 until 2008, when she was excommunicated for questioning church doctrine.

Lauren Drain graduated from Washburn University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She has been married to David Kagan since August 2013 and lives in Connecticut. She currently works as a cardiac nurse and as fitness model, using Instagram to show her fitness routines & strength progress with in excess of two million followers. You can follow her also on Facebook.

Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church describes her experiences in the Westboro Baptist Church and her ultimate expulsion from the church It has been on the New York Best Sellers list in the eBook category as of March 30, 2013.