Lauren Cohan aka Maggie Greene in the TV series The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan is very famous for playing the part of Maggie Greene in the TV series The Walking Dead. The beautiful Lauren Cohan reached an incredible popularity also for posing for several magazines, such as Maxim and Esquire. Indeed, she has remarkable qualities.

Following her debut as an extra in an episode of the Fox series Malcolm and in the short film The Quiet Assassin, in 2005, Lauren took part in her first successful film Casanova, where she plays the role of Beatrice, a nun who is seduced by the protagonist, Heath Ledger. Subsequently, in 2006, she starred in Van Wilder 2, sequel to Van Wilder, in the role of Charlotte Higginson, love interest of the protagonist; and the following year joined the cast of Float interpreting Emily Fulton, the daughter of the owner of an ice cream parlor. After a few years of absence from the big screen, in 2011 participates in the film Death Race 2, prequel to Death Race, in the shoes of the ruthless ex-Miss Universe and organizer of automobile racing September Jones, starring Sean Bean and Danny Trejo.

Between 2007 and 2008, Lauren is cast as Bela Talbot, a mercenary thief of magic items that will appear in six episodes of the third season of the television series Supernatural. The character gives her great popularity among the public, however, gets a lot of negative reviews from critics and fans, who will make removal from the series despite the initial idea of Eric Kripke had to make her a fixed member of the cast.

In later years she took part, as a guest star in numerous television series such as: The Bold and the Beautiful, Valentine, Life, CSI: NY, Cold Case and Modern Family and, in 2010, plays the recurring character for six episodes of enigmatic vampire Rose Famil during the second season of the Vampire Diaries.

Alongside taking part in the independent film Young Alexander the Great, in the role of the warrior woman Leto, the tragicomic short film Practical in the shoes of herself, and the unfinished thriller Disturbed in the role of Claire, a researcher of medicine. She is also hired to star in Heavently, pilot episode of a legal drama of The CW focuses on Lily’s events, a lawyer who works with an angel fell in solving his cases. The pilot is not, however, become a series.

In February 2011, gets the antagonistic role of Vivian Volkoff in the fourth season of Chuck. Subsequently, in October of the same year, she was cast as Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead, and from 2012, with the beginning of the third season, enters among the main cast of the TV series. Thanks to the popularity reached by the role, during 2013, Lauren has appeared as a guest in the Conan O’Brien, Katie Couric and Larry King shows; was also immortalized by Three Owl Media, Esquire, Eiden and Maxim.

On August 22, 2013 is made official her entry into the ensemble cast of John Herzfeld’s movie Reach Me alongside Thomas Jane and Sylvester Stallone. The film was released in US theaters November 21, 2014. In 2016 he takes part in the film Extended DC Universe Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Zack Snyder, in the role of Martha Wayne and plays the protagonist of the film The Boy by William Brent Bell.