Laura Marano, the main protagonist of Disney’s Austin & Ally

Laura Marano is known for the title role in the series Austin & Ally, as well as for being the protagonist of the 2015 film Bad Hair Day. In addition to her film and television career, Marano has become an ambassador for UNICEF in 2013, also she took part in the Disney campaign E Birds Eye.

Laura Marano was born November 29, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Professor Damiano Marano, of Italian descent and the former actress Ellen Marano. Laura Marano is the younger sister of Vanessa Marano, also an actress. She appeared in several TV series with her sister. Her sister Vanessa is one of the protagonists of the television series Switched at Birth.

Laura can play the guitar, the piano and the keyboard. Her first role as an actress got at age 5 in the theater where her mother worked, the Stage Door Theater. Growing up, she appeared in several commercials and had roles as an extra in television series such as The Sarah Silverman Program, Dexter, Ghost Whisperer, Medical Investigation, Huff and Joan of Arcadia, rounding even minor characters in animated films like Finding Nemo and Ice Age 2. In 2005 she starred Keira Knightley as a child in the movie The Jacket; later it was fixed member of the cast of the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? In 2007 she starred in the short film Goldfish, winner of several awards at local festivals.

Marano in 2011 was hired by Disney to appear in a new television series titled Austin & Ally, where she plays the lead role Ally Dawson, a young singer-songwriter who with Austin Moon, played by actor Ross Lynch, will have to overcome her stage fright to give success. The series has achieved considerable success in the world and thanks to the support of fans has reached the four seasons, avoiding the law of the 65 episodes. It has brought a good name to Laura Marano, so much so that in 2015 she won a Kids’ Choice Awards for best television actress.

In 2013 the actress participates in the television movie Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year, a Christmas crossover between Jessie and Austin & Ally series. In the same year she was appointed UNICEF ambassador, encouraging children to raise funds for the organization on the occasion of Halloween. In August 2014, Marano also becomes ambassador for the consumption of vegetables in the Disney campaign E Birds Eye.

In 2014 she starred in the independent film A Sort of Homecoming, however in 2015 Marano got a role in the Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair DayDay, directed by Erik Canuel. She plays Monica, the female lead, flanked by Leigh-Allyn Baker. In 2015 she starred in Alvin and the Chipmunks in the role of baby sitter.

Currently she leads the radio program Disney For The Record interviewing the most influential singers in music, some of them were Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor and many others.

Regard the singer career, in 2010 Laura Marano publishes the song Words, since 2012/2013 has also written six singles with Peter Waldman pop / country genre, such as: What’s Comin ‘Over Me, Help Me Forget You, Just Let Me Go, Unaware, and Leave The World Behind. In addition, she took part in individual promotional and related series Austin & Ally. In 2014 she took part in the music video Somebody to You by The Vamps with Demi Lovato. April 2016 Laura was invited by Whitney Avalon to participate in her YouTube series, it is a rap battle where she plays the evil queen Ravenna, Whitney, her sister Freya.