Lasse Matberg, a viking naval officer who web loves

100 thousand fans, long blond hair and blue eyes: he is the naval officer that slaughters hearts on the web. He is called Lasse L. Matberg, 30 years old, and is of Norwegian origins, of Stavenger. More than two meters high, muscles, it was enough to open an account on Instagram because in no time his number of followers passed from 500 to over 100 thousand. Dubbed “the Viking” because of its appearance, is immortalized among selfie, life in the woods, but above all in the uniform: Lasse is indeed a naval officer. “Girls write me that want to marry me or who want to have children with me,” says the 30 year old. And in fact in the comments to his photos it reads: “You an angel, you really come from Earth?”

Lasse Matberg is a Lieutenant of Royal Norwegian Navy PT, but things have not always been so. He was bullied by classmates. “They said I was ugly and made fun of me because of my buck teeth,” said the star. And today he is single (although recently), but not for lack of opportunity or because falls asleep while watching movies …

Maybe at that time, before going to bed, the Norwegian Lasse read the legends of Vikings hoping to resemble them a bit. Certainly he did not imagine that, thirty years later, to be bullied would become “the most famous Viking on Instagram”.

You can find the Lasse’s sexy pics on Facebook and on Instagram, and also in our sexy gallery.