Laetitia Casta, probably the most beautiful French model ever

The career of Laetitia Casta began at 15, when she was discovered by a photographer during a family holiday in Marine de Sant’Ambrogio, in Corsica, homeland of her father. Today, Laetitia is a supermodel and the official ambassador of L’Oreal. She posed for the cover of the Victoria’s Secret, for advertising the super push-up H & M and for advertising jeans of Guess. She also appeared in three swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and in the Pirelli calendar.

The particular features of her visage make her sensual and beloved by men, together of course to his irrepressible body. Laetitia is the symbol of the French beauty.

In 1999, Laetitia Casta was chosen by the Association of French Mayors (AMF) as model of Marianne, the allegorical symbol of the French republic. She posed for more than 100 magazine covers and has been recognized, along with Tyra Banks, as the ideal of sensuality. She has participated in several films including Asterix & Obelix vs. Caesar. In Italy we presented the Sanremo Festival in 1999, together with Fabio Fazio, and was the star of a commercial for Lorenz along with fellow model Satya Oblet.

In 2006, she states for the first time alongside the new partner and father of her children Orlando and Athena, Stefano Accorsi, in the film La jeune fille et le loups, by Gilles Legrand. In April of 2010 he participated in the filming of the music video Te amo, by the singer Rihanna. In recent years, Laetitia has made appearances in film and television productions in France. He also participated in the video for the song by Chris Isaak, Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing.

In 2011 she was nominated for a César Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Gainsbourg (vie héroïque), in which she plays Brigitte Bardot.