Ksenia Tsaritsina, the sexy model of the Russian magnate’s wife and the ring of 9 million dollars

Ksenia Tsaristina is a very young model, with dizzying curves. He is a Russian magnate’s wife. Who does not care for beauty. And there is to understand it …

There are marriages that go to waste after less than a year, especially if they are two people in sight. But it is obviously not the case of Russian magnate Aleksey Shapovalov and super sexy model Ksenia Tsaritsina. Indeed, to celebrate their fifth year together, Aleksey gave her a dizzying jewel.

Ksenia Tsaristina


This is a 70-carat ring whose value, according to some experts, would be around 9 million dollars. Something, in short, of particularly showy.

Ksenia, 27, of course, immediately posted the image on her Instagram profile, proudly showing her embellished hand and making it a “viral” gift.

Ksenia Tsaristina

The commentary accompanying the photo is suggestive: “When it comes to giving me presents, my husband does not mind shopping. Now he decided that the old 30-carat ring was not enough for me. ”

Ksenia Tsaristina

This new jewel takes the place of what until now was the favorite ring of Ksenia Tsaritsina, smaller, and who liked to show on social media, a bit like all the rest of herself. The model, in fact, is a lover of selfies and, traveling a lot, can show off of all kinds. The couple divides between Russia, the homeland of both, and Dubai, the acquired homeland of those who can. She often places photos in which she is on a cruise or on her Bentley and considers herself a perfectionist.

Ksenia Tsaristina


Russian oligarch Aleksey Shapovalov married his longtime girlfriend Ksenia Tsaritsina in one of the most lavish weddings we’ve ever seen.

Ksenia Tsaristina


Shapovolov is less forthcoming when it comes to his Instagram account but does occasionally share photos of his beautiful wife including this one where she was pregnant with their second child.

Ksenia Tsaritsina pregnant


Curiously Ksenia Tsaritsina does not have a page dedicated to her on Wikipedia yet.

Ksenia Tsaristina


Aleksey Shapovalov is a very influential politician in Russia. He is from Samara.

Ksenia Tsaristina


Certainly, she does not lack the consistency in fitness, considering that she has two children and the life point of a mosquito.

Ksenia Tsaristina

Mrs. Russia

Billionaire’s wife represented Russia at Mrs World contest. On June 2 in the Russian city of Krasnodar, hopeful wives strutted their stuff while competing in the finals of Mrs World Russia – a beauty contest for married women. They were vying to represent their country on the big stage: Mrs World. The judges eventually awarded 26-year-old Ksenia Tsaritsina from the city of Ulyanovsk first place. Yulia Polyachikhina has won Miss Russia 2018.

Ksenia Tsaristina

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Ksenia Tsaristina


Ksenia Tsaristina is hugely popular on Instagram, where she has where she has two official profiles. In fact, there is also a beauty blog on here.