Ksenia Burda

Ksenia Burda

Ksenia Burda is nowadays a model and a designer very popular on Instagram.

We must say that his photos are very sexy with their naked legs crossed: we like them very much!

Ksenia Burda is from Ukraine, where she lived in a town called Kherson, a town is located next to Dnepr and is really close to the Black Sea. She lost her mother when she was only 3 and was raised by her father. After graduation, she went to Moscow to become a TV-journalist but she didn’t start working as a journalist to fly to the USA for two years. When she returned to Moscow, she got offers to do some modeling, which she accepted, but Ksenia doesn’t think of herself as of a model. Ksenia always looks very classy and stylish.

She is 170 cm tall and weighs 55 kilograms. Her measurements are 90-61-91.

There is no gossip about her online.

She is a very close friend of the amazing Anya Sakharova, well known as Anya Sugar.

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