Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović: Croatia has an hot Prime Minister

Kolinda Grabar Kitarović is the first woman President of Croatia and also the youngest. But be careful. Despite her 47 years here she shows off a bikini in the Croatian beaches.

She is the perfect demonstration that beauty and intelligence can be the same, and it is not true that all the beautiful are idiots, as well as all those ugly intelligent distinctly. Kolinda also has also debunked another myth that is the one of the blondes. She is a perfect natural blonde, with a truly stunning physique. In politics she has distinguished for her skill, and her aggressiveness. Her party has many clean ministers, and made war against corruption and malfeasance.

Kolinda stands out not only in politics but also in sports! She is known for its many sports played, all with excellent results. From swimming to tennis, Kolinda is a practical demonstration that the tenacity in life, as in politics, as in sports in the long run to be won!

In addition to being a brilliant politician and a sport, the President of Croatia has made headlines for some shots really amazing, like an actress in costume! The shots have now been around the web, and of course the whole of Croatia, and the tabloids have gone crazy. Of amazing photos that you might never see them think that it is proper to the president of a state! Photos that you can not really lose!

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović was born in Rijeka by Dubravka and Branko originating in Lopača Grabar, a district of Jelenje 15 km away from the city where she grew up. Ruling Croatian Democratic Union, in 2003 she was appointed Minister of European Integration of Croatia until 2005 when she became Foreign Minister and remained until 2008. That year became ambassador to the United Nations and in 2011 diplomatic assistant to the Secretary General of NATO until 2014. She was elected the January 11, 2015 President of Croatia in the second round of the elections with 50.7% winning the runoff with incumbent President Ivo Josipović. She took office on February 7.