Kirstie Alley is the wonderful and nice star of Look Who’s Talking

Kirstie Alley was born in Kansas from a Methodist family, studying at the University of Kansas, after abandoning her studies to pursue a career as an actress. Lillian Mickie’s daughter and businessman Robert Deal Alley’s, her mother died in 1981 in a car accident caused by a drunk.

Kirstie Alley’s difficulties in finding partners and the divorce from her first husband Bob Alley in 1977 bring her into a deep crisis, in which she becomes addicted to cocaine. After being detoxified, towards the end of the seventies she appears in some television quiz and finally made her film debut in 1982 with Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan, the second film in the series of Star Trek (in the part of Lieutenant Saavik).

In the following years she participated in various films like Runaway with Tom Selleck and TV miniseries such as North and South and North and South II, but the real popularity came in the middle eighties thanks to her participation in the sitcom Cheers, where she played the role of Rebecca Howe, which won several awards including an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. She played alongside Shelley Long, who starred waitress Diane Chambers. Thanks to the success gained obtains a role in many comedies, including Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta and in their two sequels and It Takes Two where she plays alongside Ashley Olsen. About Look Who’s Talking, Kirstie Alley says John Travolta was the “great love” of her life and recently admitted that she still flirts with him so much, and his wife, Kelly Preston, took offence about that.

In 1997 she got a part in Woody Allen’s Deconstructing Harry. From 1997 to 2000 she starred in another sitcom, Veronica’s Closet. After the end of the series because of divorce from second husband Parker Stevenson (Richard Stevenson Parker, Jr.) and her career in decline, the actress vents her frustrations on food, much to weigh 100 kg. With so much self-irony and actress gives life to the series Fat actress, cross between a sitcom and reality shows, where talks about her daily struggle in losing weight. Known to audiences for her great sympathy, was in the Dancing with the Stars program in 2010. After years of care and attempts, finally managed to lose 45 kg in weight. Finds himself fitness and self-confidence making her debut in 2011 as a model for the fashion designer Zang Toi.

The actress is a supporter of the Republican Party and is a member of the Church of Scientology. With her second husband adopted two children, in 1992 and 1994. Kirstie Alley opened up to Howard Stern and defended her beliefs as a Scientologist, and whether her now-infamous feud with Leah Remini.