Kiara Amato

Kiara Amato

Kiara Amato is a wonderful French model with a huge following on Instagram. Known on social media as kiara.amt, she is popular as a lip-sync video creator with more than 1.3 million TikTok fans.

Kiara Amato was born April 6, 2003, in France. So she is 15 years old.

She is from France. She has posted photos of her boyfriend and fellow Instagrammer Loic Bilong on social media. She has used songs by Lartiste for her TikTok videos. 

She would also earn the verification crown for her contributions.

Kiara Amato’s Height is 168 cm and her Weight is 55 kg. Bust 76 cm. Waist 58 cm. Hips 76 cm. 3A bra size. Cup size A. Hair Color Blonde, Eyes Color Brown

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