Kathryn Mayorga

Kathryn Mayorga

Kathryn Mayorga, Vergewaltigungsopfer, sie sagt, dass sie 2009 im Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, von Cristiano Ronaldo vergewaltigt wurde, Vergewaltigungsvorwurf, der Fall Kathryn Mayorga versus Cristiano Ronaldo, Las Vegas, USA

Kathryn Mayorga is a school teacher who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of sexual violence. She was playing football in adolescence. She graduated in journalism and is model and girl-image in Las Vegas discotheques. She divorced after a few months of marriage in 2009, in the year of the alleged rape.

Kathryn Mayorga’s passion for football blossomed many years before the meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo in that nightclub in Las Vegas, on the “incriminated” night of 12 June 2009. The woman who accused of sexual violence of the Portuguese star was a “girl scouts” when she started kicking a ball. Soccer, softball, and school, where their learning disorders and concentration skills have progressively emerged as declared by her – and by her mother Cheryl – to Der Spiegel. “Growing up for me was a difficult process – she explained to the German weekly – my school experience was complicated, but I rolled up my sleeves (in the interview she used a more colorful expression) and I decided to test myself “. The daughter of a housewife and a fireman (Larry, now retired), Kathryn was born in Las Vegas on May 30, 1984, and has a 37-year-old brother (Jason). “We’re just simple people”: that’s how they say about their family.

An apparently ordinary existence, enriched by a degree in Journalism in 2008 at the University of Nevada, between study and nightclubs: “I had a lot of fun – remember – I went to parties, we danced until dawn”. At the time she was engaged to a boy of Albanian origin (bartender and computer technician by service) who married as soon as wearing the laurel wreath and from which she divorced within a year, just in 2009: “I was 24 years old, fresh from graduation, I felt the need to get married, I felt that kind of pressure ” she admitted. And it seems that at first things did not go so badly until something must have gone wrong.

So she puts the wedding dress in the suitcase and returns to her parents’ house, in one of the best neighborhoods of the “Sin City”. A house with a beautiful courtyard, a spacious garage, swimming pool and a view of the “capital of vice”, that dreamed by Bugsy Siegel, the casino pioneer brought to the cinema by Warren Beatty and Barry Levinson. And Kathryn – now – is divided between fashion and the role of girl image in the “Strip” nightclubs. “I was enjoying life,” says Mayorga, “I was very busy, modeling was rewarding, I often traveled. I ate vegan, I was really good. “It was on one of those nights that in the VIP area of the” Rain ” she drinks champagne with Cristiano – then about to move from Manchester Utd to Real Madrid – and would accept an invitation to join him in the room, in Suite 57306 of the Palms Casino Resort, where the American revealed that rape would be consummated.

Kathryn continued to work for several years as a hostess in the Las Vegas nightclubs, but nothing would have been the same since tonight, as reported in the October 3rd press conference by her lawyer Leslie Stovall: “From the episode of sexual assault in 2009, my assistant suffered from depression and assessed suicide Nine difficult years for women, with alcohol abuse, difficulty in maintaining personal and working relationships”. She taught in a primary school (the Clark County School) until a few days ago, but left the chair

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