Julieta Rodriguez Carlo

Julieta Rodriguez Carlo

Julieta Rodriguez Carlo is a splendid Model and TV host who has worked for Combat Peru and Combat Argentina. She is a very close friend of the amazing Croatian model Dajana Gudic.

Julieta Rodríguez was kicked out of Peru due to problems with Migrations and after leading one of the biggest controversies of 2016. However, months after her deportation, the Argentine model does not have such a bad time.

Rodríguez Calvo was sanctioned with the ‘cancellation of the residence with the impediment of entry to the country’ for violating paragraph 4 of Article 63 of the Immigration Law. That is to say, Julieta falsified information in the documents supplied to acquire her migratory quality.

The blonde was presented as the new ‘Combate Argentina’, where she said she is single and remembered her first days in the country.

Although several months have passed since the controversy, Julieta Rodríguez (better known as July in Argentina) continues to receive insults on social networks and ask her not to return to the country anymore

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