Jodie Foster: 40 hot pics

Jodie Foster debuted in 1972, just 10 years, in the film Napoleon and Samantha. The breakthrough came a few years later, when she was chosen to play, alongside Robert De Niro, the cult film Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese, the film that gave her first nomination for an Academy Award in 1977 for Best Supporting Actress. In 1989, thanks to the film The Accused, she won her first Oscar for Best Actress. In 1992 she won her second Oscar for her role as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, and in 1994 received a fourth nomination for the film Nell. Besides the two Academy Awards, she won three Golden Globes, three BAFTA Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Jodie Foster was born in Los Angeles, California, after thirty-six hours of labor, where both she and her mother risked death. Daughter of a German mother, Evelyn ‘Brandy’ Ella Almond, and US father, Lucius Fisher Foster III, a former Air Force lieutenant colonel who later became realtor. The violent father left the family shortly before her birth, when the mother was the fourth month of pregnancy. Last of four children, she has two older sisters, Lucinda “Cindy” Foster (b. 1954), Constance “Connie” Foster (b. 1955), and an older brother, Lucius “Buddy” Foster (b. 1957).

The nickname “Jodie” she was given by her brothers and sisters, due to her mother’s companion, a woman named Jo Dominique, who was known affectionately Aunt Jo D.

She made her debut only three years in various commercials, including, most famously, the one for Coppertone suntan lotion. She worked for various television shows, such as The Doris Day Show, which also starred her brother Buddy. Soon she proves to be a child prodigy, who already knew how to read at age three, continuing to appear in other TV series. The mother, who was then working as a producer, manages to get a contract with the Walt Disney Company. She debuted in 1972 with Michael Douglas in the film Napoleon and Samantha, followed by another children’s film, Tom Sawyer, 1973, adapted from the novel by Mark Twain. In 1973, also she starred in an episode of the television series Kung Fu alongside David Carradine.

In 1974 Martin Scorsese offers her a part in Alice Does not Live Here Anymore, where she plays the extravagant Audrey. After her performance, Disney began to turn up their nose, because that would clean up the image of Jodie Foster as perfect teenager for their family film. With the help of her mother, who acted as manager, she manages to diversify their roles, not to disappear into thin air, like so many other child prodigies. Working again with Martin Scorsese, who offers her the role of Iris, an underage prostitute, in his 1976 film Taxi Driver, starring Robert De Niro. During the filming of Taxi Driver, at the behest of her mother, the then fourteen year old Jodie was followed by a psychiatrist and, to avoid injury, is replaced in the most gruesome scenes from the increased Connie sister, twenty-one years.

Jodie Foster was considered for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, but it was bound by her contract with Disney, for which she continues to star in family films such as Bugsy Malone, Freaky Friday and The Little Girl Who Lives down the Lane. In the following years she collects roles in more or less successful films, but continued to study diligently, graduating from the Lycée Français of Los Angeles.

John Hinckley Jr., a her early twenties fan, fed him a strong love for the actress after seeing her in Taxi Driver. Foster was repeatedly persecuted by Hinckley in the period when she was studying at Yale University. The March 30, 1981 Hinckley shot the President of the United States Ronald Reagan, seriously injuring four people, including the President, as they were leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel. John Hinckley, immediately arrested and tried, motivated his action by claiming that he wanted to draw the attention of Foster on himself. Hinckley was released September 10, 2016 from the psychiatric prison where he had been detained.

Jodie Foster was deeply traumatized by the fact, even thinking of leaving the world of cinema. The actress, after testifying, asserting that she had never had any kind of relationship with Hinckley and be unrelated to the facts, she decided to leave behind the events, trying to forget. In 1991, Foster canceled an interview with NBC, in the introduction when she heard the name of Hinckley. Hinckley’s obsession for Foster inspired rock punk band JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army acronym).