Jill Hardener

Jill Hardener

Jill Hardener is now the most famous tattooed model on Instagram, where she calls herself Miss Hardener. Her body, voluptuous and sexy, is in fact entirely covered with tattoos, as you can see in the pictures on this page. She has also piercings at nipples and intim.

The body of this girl has thus become a real work of art, explaining the dark side of life.

You can read Jill’s story on her official website. She completed the A-level exams and after she moved to Berlin, which becomes her home base. She explores the real estate business and begins to deal with targets of million Euro value.

Jill loves to dominate men and for this reason, made money as working as a professional dominatrix.

So, she was starting to changing her own body in extreme ways. She covered her body with big sized and precise black and grey tattoos. Now her well-trained body is underlying her determination to reach her goals.

Jill has become one of the most successful web influencers of Germany, using her online channels to promote the products she appreciates and uses for herself. She is entering into collaborations with the enterprises producing goods or offering services she is fancying herself.

She owns a sumptuous bachelorette’s flat in the city center of Berlin serving as a space for creativity and recreation

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