Jennifer Lawrence nervous for a sex scene with Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence, from today on our screens with Hunger Games: Song of the revolt Part 2, the conclusive part of that series, revealed that she had problems to acting a sex scene with Chris Pratt in the next Passengers: the science fiction film with a woman prematurely awakened from cryogenic sleep, at the hands of a man whose hibernation is interrupted with 60 years in advance due to a malfunction.

Famous for a communication always very lively with the public and with the fans, the actress does not hide that face a scene of this type for the first time was changelling: “It went well, no one has done something wrong. It’s just that it’s a weird experience. I got drunk before shooting, then the anxiety increased only after at home. What have I done? I do not remember! It was the first time I kissed a married man, guilt is the worst. I knew that was my job, but my stomach did not want to. I called mom and I asked: What about that is okay? I was very vulnerable”. Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum, will be released in USA in December of 2016.

About a year ago Jennifer Lawrence was involved in the so-called CelebGate, or the publication of compromising photos of the star who seems to have been accessed through a bug of iCloud, the Apple service that lets you share settings, video and photo between different devices. Many of his photos are very hot and finished on the internet: nothing prevented a lot of people to see them.