Jen Selter’s glorious glutes

Jen Selter is a perfect stranger who has 10.6 million followers on her Instagram profile, and more than 623 thousands “Like” on Facebook. Why? For having perfect glutes, without resorting to cosmetic surgery but only with exercise.

Jen Selter is a passionate fitness very determined. Cruch and squats are her daily bread, thanks to which she has become super viewed on the social network. Jen grew up in New York and Boston and lives in the Big Apple. The girl shares with her users the secrets of her success. What she does have the young age – Jen is 23 years old – but the strength of will is not far behind. Just seeing a photo before and after to see the transformation of her steel buttocks: she has made comparative a photo of 2010 and 2014. The change is there, and it shows. Of course, no one can say that is not an exhibitionist, views the selfies in plastic poses that loves post.

Abs, jumping jacks, crunches, squats, plank, high knees, reverse crunches, mountain climbers, bicycle cruch, sit-ups. All clear? If you want to have glutes like those of Jen Selter get ready to sweat.