Hilde Osland

Hilde Osland

Hilde Osland is a model, singer and of course Norwegian Instagram star. She took her first steps in the entertainment world by participating in Idol Norway. Someone has noticed her, maybe not for songs!

Also because not to notice her was quite difficult. Hilde Osland soon entered the Norwegian Top 40, which seems to be important.

Soon, however, the beautiful blonde understood what her true vocation would be being photographed in a bikini. Since Norway does not offer much in this sense, she has moved to Australia and … what can we say, we are happy!

At first, Hilde Osland’s pictures seemed strange, almost unnatural. I looked at them and did not understand what was wrong … then I understood. There’s nothing wrong. Hilde Osland is so perfect that it does not even seem true. These are hard things to accept, I know.

She grew up in Bergen, Norway and later moved to Melbourne, Australia. She studied ‘Bachelor of Business’ in Accountancy from RMIT University in Australia. She has been dating longtime boyfriend James Lewis Foster, who is also her photographer. The couple often post pictures of each other and together on their respective Instagram pages.

Hilde was born to be a singer and dancer despite being quietly spoken. She has also given acting a go, starring in Disney’s hit TV show “As the Bell Rings” back in 2009.

Her love for fashion slowly took over, as her account became a mix of fashion, music and lifestyle.

Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Hilde Osland is also a trained dancer specializing in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap dancing. She was affiliated with ‘Patrick Studios Australia’

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